We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
"In two years Brandon and Socializon have helped grow my newsletter base from 0 to 70,000 subscribers. Brandon is a versatile member of my team, providing value in design, WordPress blogging, MailChimp email marketing, and more. Brandon is always eager to help and I am happy to have such a person working on my project."
Ian Goldberg
“This incredible program managed to not only get us top positions on Google PPC for all of our top keywords, but they kept us there, as well! I would highly recommend this company to anyone.”
Marc Rosenberg
"I have only been working with this company for a few months but I would recommend them without hesitation. Their fan interaction and support has been outstanding and they have exceeded all of my expectations. I have worked with a few social media companies but none of them can compare to what they are able to offer. The event turnouts, customer interaction, and return on investment have been substantial.”
Dr. Lisa Evans
"Socializon has taken my business to the next level in social media marketing! Brandon helped provide me with the mindset to be ahead of my competitors by showing the capabilities of how much further my business can grow!"
Carlo Castronovo
“We have a constant flow of new customer interactions thanks to this amazing digital marketing company. They gave us all the tools to convert social media contests and promotions into customers.”
Jim Fulginiti
“This hard-working organization provides a consistent stream of fresh leads while equipping us with what we need to turn those into loyal customers.”
Roy Klotz
“A great company that helps us translate likes, shares, comments, interaction, and engagement into actual new business.”
Steve Petri
"I discovered Socializon shortly after I opened my business. I was having a lot of trouble designing with site builder and a friend of mine suggested I contact them. We discussed exactly what I needed to accomplish and present to the public. We looked at pictures together, design options and subject content. He was in close contact with me during the design process giving me input all along the way. The initial finished site was really a masterpiece. I had never seen a website like it. It was dynamic, interactive, well organized and easily navigated. It was remarkable that you could look at the images and movement throughout the site and get the messages without even reading the words. Socializon presented us as an elegant, caring, cutting edge business that is accessible to clients and insistent on getting results. But it didn’t end with the site. We were constantly adding new information and products and promoting them in very creative ways. He was very responsive. He also sent periodic eblasts for us, posted on social media channels when we were having events and specials. I could not recommend Socialzon highly enough. Whether you are a small business or large corporation, he will exceed your expectations. He uses cutting edge technology and techniques and creates a website that is uniquely you. He is truly an artist."
Dr. Laura Diana
“We’ve looked at a lot of digital marketing solutions but these guys were always the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with.”
Scott Meyers
"Having many years of SEO experience ourselves, we know how hard it is to come up with a successful SEO strategy and an effectively integrate it within our work-frame. As our business continues to grow year after year, keeping track of our SEO strategy became very time-consuming and reduced our ability to focus on our core business. Socializon allowed Cardinal Camera to focus on our on-location business objectives rather than our online digital presence."
Kurt Seelig
"Socializon was able to help our business bridge the digital gap and find a way to connect with online consumers seeking the services our business offered. He was single-handedly able to create content that engaged online fans, followers, and visitors. These techniques allowed us to fill numerous classes, events, and seminars. The information was able to be relayed to the right individuals with targeted advertisements on social media and search engine platforms. The excitement in running these ads cannot be understated as we didn't realize the power successful digital campaigns can have on increasing the revenue annually. We are very happy to have Brandon who is able to continually push new, fun, interesting content out to the people that need to see these marketing materials to take the next step. Our organization highly recommends Socializon and the services they offer!"
Debb Kirschner
"Brandon was extremely helpful in getting my business website up and running. He assisted in all aspects of the design, the content layout, and in getting my business the online exposure it needed. This was accomplished through various social media outlets and dialing in on effective search engine optimization for my business. I highly recommend Brandon and Socializon for your web design and digital needs."
Tom Urbaniak
"Brandon was integral in establishing an effective and targeted audience for our social media channels. He helped us promote our various products and services and directed a large quantity of social media traffic to our website for even further conversions. The digital landscape that Brandon was able to develop by creating a brand image that stood out online helped our digital marketing efforts tremendously. Our team appreciates his commitment to getting new fresh content to assist in driving further traffic to our website and our location. The social marketing aspect helped us create more traffic on location, which is exactly what we were looking for. We highly recommend his services to any business that has a reasonable marketing budget but isn't looking to break the bank."
Audra DelConte
"Socializon, LLC was exactly the organization we were in search of to take control of our full social media needs. They implemented engaging campaigns to capture intrigue online and drive further traffic to our website and our two store locations. We were able to communicate with them weekly to describe any new, upcoming, or ongoing project that we were a part of. We could easily share information via email and text to save time. Brandon took care of creating purely branded content pieces that could be used online. This was beneficial to relay a message of quality and consistency to customers and fans. We thoroughly enjoy the content that is used within our social platforms and will continue to recommend them to local businesses that are in need of further digital expertise."
Mark Ogonowski
"Brandon was able to successfully build the digital landscape for my website. My needs were basic but he was able to walk me through and guide me how he would be constructing and formatting various aspects of the website itself. I was able to personally assist in adding information and knowledge of the industry throughout the webpages and in certain areas. I would highly recommend his services at a fair and competitive industry price that is flexible with meeting all of your expectations."
Jerry Rubin